Mortise Lock


Mortise Lock


Mortise Hook Locks in Malaysia

When safeguarding your property, settle for nothing less than the best. We are the leading distributor of innovative door locks in Malaysia, offering an extensive range of high-quality security solutions. Our remarkable selection exemplifies our commitment, which includes exceptional mortise hook locks, four-bolt mortise locks, and advanced mortise roller locks. Experience a new level of security by exploring our comprehensive assortment of mortise locks below.

At Armor Hardware, we understand that security is a top priority for homeowners and businesses. Our mortise hook locks go beyond conventional measures, boasting an ingenious hook mechanism that firmly engages with the strike plate. This robust design provides unparalleled resistance against forced entry attempts, ensuring your property remains impenetrable to unauthorized access and intrusions.

Our diverse collection of mortise locks caters to various applications, from residential havens to commercial strongholds and public spaces. Our expertise and industry-leading solutions allow you to select the perfect door lock that aligns with your unique security needs.

Don’t compromise the safety of your valuable assets. Choose Armor Hardware as your partner in fortifying your property’s defences. Explore our exclusive range of mortise locks in Malaysia and take the first step toward securing peace of mind. Unleash security by contacting us now, and let our exceptional mortise locks redefine your property’s protection.

Code Material Turning Finishing Backset Packing RM/Unit
AML-8560/SL Entrance 2 SS 60 25 pcs/ctn 65.00
*Price are subject to change without prior notice *All diagrams are measured in millimeter (mm)
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