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Unleash the Protection with the Aegloc Safe Box

Experience unmatched protection with the Aegloc Safe Box, a revolutionary security solution to safeguard your valuable assets. With its exceptional construction and advanced features, our safe box sets new standards in security and build to withstand the toughest challenges. Its robust design and premium materials create an impenetrable fortress, ensuring maximum defence against theft and intrusion. Equipped with cutting-edge security features, such as biometric fingerprint recognition and digital keypad access, our safe box guarantees that only authorized individuals can gain entry. Rest assured that the latest advancements in security technology shield your valuables.

In addition to its formidable security measures, our safe box offers fire and water resistance. It is a protective sanctuary for essential documents, heirlooms, and sensitive data, even in unforeseen disasters. Customizable options allow you to choose the perfect size and configuration to meet your needs. Our safe box provides tailored security solutions for personal or commercial use, offering effortless accessibility with its user-friendly interface. Gain peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected while maintaining easy access whenever required.

Invest in unparalleled security and redefine your approach to safeguarding with our safe box. Experience the pinnacle of protection, backed by superior construction, advanced technology, and unwavering defence. Embrace the future of security solutions and ensure the safety of your valuable possessions. Discover more about our safe box with your trusted security door lock shop in Malaysia, Armor Hardware.


 Product Model  AEG-DSB-P150
 Description  Safety Box
 Painting Color  High Gloss Black
 Thickness Door (MM)  8
 Thickness Body (CM)  4-6
 Thickness Glass Panel  4
 Product Dimension  41.40 (H) x 44.90 (W) x 38.00 (D)
 Carton Dimension (CM)  48.00 (H) x 51.00 (W) x 46.00 (D)
 BOLT  4
 Packing Volume (CBM)  0.11
 Net Weight (KGS)  47.00
 Gross Weight (KGS)  50.00
Internal Capacity (CM) 40.20 (H) x 43.30 (W) x 31.50 (D)
Internal Capacity (CM3) 0.05
Internal Capacity (litre) 0.000055
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